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Precision steel tubes

Our raw material are high quality low carbon steel from  ShanghaiBaosteel Group.After picking,cold-drawn,no oxidization heat treatmeng(NBK Status),nondestructive testing, the wall honing and inside flushing under high pressure,antirust oiling inside and outside surface then sealed with plastic caps on both ends.
Our steel tubes are in high precison,good brightness and no oxidize residual substance in inner and ourter surface and cold withstand high pressure,no deformation after cold bending no crack and break after flattening and flaring, with good mechanical property and no deforma-tion after bending at any angel.
Our steel tubes are widely used in fydraulic system,automobile and other occadion which with the high requirement of the procision,brightnesss,and mechanical properties.
The cold-rolled precision tube manufacturing range rates within sizes of inner diameter from 10mm to 120mm, of thickness from 0.5mm to18mm, of the precision ±0.03mm, and of  inner surface roughness Ra0.4-0.6. The types of steel tubes include 10#、20#、35#、45#、160Mn、20GrMo、40Gr .They match the main standards such as GB/T3639,ASTM A53,ASME, ISO4394-1,BS5242-1,DIN2391,EN10305-1,API5CT,SAEJ179,NFA 49-310,JIS.

The products have the characteristics of small-sized,heavy-wall thickness,high precision,inner or outer special shaped profiles.They are widely adept in auto, hydraulic machinery ,gas spring system,shock absorbers, precision instruments, anchoring machinery and construction machinery,JYDR supplies precision tubes and a lot of spare parts for global incorporations

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